School Closed for Summer

Our school is closed for the summer. The school office will re-open on August 19th to prepare for the new school year. The first day of classes will be September 1st!

For registration information, please check out the Registration page on the Northern Lights Public Schools website.

Inclusive Education

Inclusive Education

What Inclusive Education at CLMS means:  Every learner has unique needs. Some learners have profound and ongoing needs and others have short-term or situation-based needs. This calls for flexible and responsive learning environments that can adapt to the changing needs of learners.

At CLMS, teachers provide students with academic programming at their readiness level. Individual program plans (IPP) are developed with support and input from Inclusive Education Coordinator, parents, teahers, adminsitrator and any social services agencies in order to support students in becoming engaged successful learners.  Most learners in our school are capable of learning grade level material with accommodations and minor modifications.  The use of technology and programs such as Read & Write Google will support learners with reading and writing challenges.