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Healthy Schools

Healthy Schools

CLMS is an APPLE School

APPLE Schools is an innovative school-focused health promotion initiative that improves the lives of more than 16,500 students annually in 63 schools across Northern Alberta through healthy eating, physical activity and mental health.   Since 2007, APPLE Schools has invested over $16 million in vulnerable student populations to prevent chronic diseases related to childhood overweight and obesity. It is estimated this investment will save over $233 million through avoided health care costs, improved academic achievement, enhanced mental wellbeing, and better quality of life.

APPLE Schools transforms school communities through an approach called Comprehensive School Health (CSH). CSH empowers school communities to lead, choose and be healthy. Each APPLE School is provided a School Health Facilitator (SHF) trained in nutrition, physical activity, and community development. The SHF works with students, parents, school staff, and community members to develop a school action plan to meet the specific needs of their school. 

School action plans include activities led by students and are designed to make healthy living fun and engaging. Examples include planting classroom gardens, after-school cooking classes and physical activity programs. 

APPLE Schools equips students with the knowledge necessary to be confident, empathetic leaders and take ownership of their own health and social behaviours. 

Research has shown that students in APPLE Schools have better nutrition habits, are more physically active, and are more likely to be a healthy weight than other students across Alberta. They are better learners and score higher on academic tests. 

Students in APPLE Schools take ownership of their own health and demonstrate:







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District Notice

All Buses Cancelled November 29, 2021

Due to icy road conditions, all Northern Lights Public Schools buses are cancelled for Monday, November 29, 2021.
Schools are open and regular classes will proceed. Programming may be modified if large numbers of students are absent.
If your child will be absent due to the bus cancellations, or for any other reason, please inform your child’s school. You can report an absence using the School Messenger app, at or by calling your child’s school directly.
Safety is our top priority and we want to make sure that all of our students who plan to attend arrive safely. If you do not notify the school of your child’s absence, you may receive an automated attendance call asking you to call and confirm that they are absent.
Thank you for your co-operation.