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Oct 9 - NLSD introducing Youth Achievement Program

NLSD introducing Youth Achievement Program (YAP) at Cold Lake Middle School. Check out the exciting information that'...

Sep 18 - Grade 4 Scavenger Hunt

Our little grade 4 students were treated to a scavenger hunt lead by our amazing grade 8 students.  A buzz in the hive...

Sep 17 - Pancake Breakfast

The start to our school year has been amazing!  With whisks in hand and aprons all tied up the staff at Cold Lake Middl...

Sep 17 - Muriel Creek

Jul 14 - Peanut free

Just a reminder that we are a peanut free school.  If you could please refrain from sending your child with any peanut...

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Oct 21 - Concession
Oct 21 - Day 2
Oct 22 - Concession
Oct 22 - Day 3
Oct 23 - Concession
Oct 23 - Day 4
Oct 24 - Concession


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